How many books are there on how to have a great relationship?

The Puppy Nanny wants you to know how to have a great relationship with your dog and that’s why I’m going to walk you through my 32 Steps To A Great Relationship.
If you look at category posts in the blog, you’ll see many of these steps talked about in detail. For example, I give you the steps to potty training your puppy in “Puppies pee; Puppies poop”.
I begin with getting prepared for your new puppy and then move through the early weeks of fun & training, getting you started right away on having your new family companion become a adult dog who is welcome anywhere.
Storytime is a growing collection of dog stories that I like to tell and hopefully will provide you with some lighter moments in your training program.
If you, like me, prefer to  have a book to hold with pages to turn, write on and add sticky notes to, you only have to wait a bit. I’ll have an ebook out soon that you can print yourself and a published version shortly thereafter.
Till then, please do check the posts under 32 Steps. I’ll be adding to the posts regularly. Send me your questions or comments in the comment space or call me 604-989-6969 for your FREE consultation.

Menu of Posts

  1. Puppy is Coming
  2. He’s Here… the early days
  3. Puppies Pee; Puppies Poop
  4. Bozo’s Safe Place… the Crate
  5.  Bozo’s Safe Place,,, the Sequel
  6. The Homecoming…Yours
  7. Feeding Bozo 1
  8. Feeding Bozo 2
  9. Why Bother with Training?
  10. Handling
  11. Socialization
  12. Socialization – People
  13. Socialization – Places
  14. Socialization – Exploration
  15. Bite Inhibition
  16. Jumping Up
  17. Sit
  18. Down
  19. Stand
  20. Stay
  21. Settle
  22. Speak and Shush
  23. Come
  24. Roll Over
  25. Leash Walking
  26. Heeling On and Off Leash
  27. Biting
  28. The Food Bowl… Resource Guarding
  29. Vet and Other Healing Modalities
  30. Fun and Games
  31. Choosing a Puppy Class
  32. Are We Done Yet?